Butchertown Clinical Trial - Top Ophthalmic Clinical Trial Company in the US

Founded in Louisville, Kentucky in 1984, Butchertown Clinical Trial is the top ophthalmic clinical trial in the US, with a large range of service offerings to help advance clinical research.

The company began clinical trials in 2000 and changed its name to its current name in 2021. Started as a one-person consulting firm, Butchertown Clinical Trial has grown to over 70 employees nationwide.

"We cover nearly every type of clinical trial service to assist pharmaceutical, biotech and medical companies and diagnostic individuals," says CEO Mark Prussian.

"We take pride in combining scientific and clinical leadership with expert trial delivery to create distinctive, world-class solutions," he adds.

Its clinical trials successes include the following:

EYSUVIS Durysta iStent Xiidra Hydrus True Tear Rhopressa Inveltys Lumigan Lotemax Vexol Visudyne Dextenza Tyrvaya Vuity

Bringing over 30 years of experience to the clinical trial market, the company provides drug development services across all phases of development and multiple therapeutic areas such as artificial intelligence, diabetes, endocrinology, inflammation, family medicine, nutrition, vaccines, ophthalmology, and the development of companion diagnostics, surgical devices, and surgical implants.

Butchertown Clinical boasts a high - and growing - number of enrolled patients, also known as trial subjects.

"With our extensive patient databases, and state-of-the-art scheduling and clinical trial management software systems, we can readily search 78,000 active patient charts to identify potential trial subjects by condition, disease and other inclusion/exclusion criteria," says CEO Mark Prussian.

Butchertown Clinical is also well-known for its excellent data compliance. They've created internal standards and systems to ensure that they exceed all guidelines, regulations, and legal requirements.

CEO Mark Prussian says they are dedicated to improving human and public health, increasing wellness, and alleviating discomfort by providing an outstanding clinical trials program.

"We take health, wellness, pain medication, and vision improvement very seriously. We carefully review all trials to ensure the health and safety of our Louisville, KY area participants," he adds.

Butchertown Clinical Trials has received FDA approval for the 15th time. Vuity, a once-a-day eye-drop treatment for presbyopia, an age-related blurry near vision condition, is the first of its kind. Tyrvaya, the first and only nasal spray approved for symptoms of Dry Eye Disease, was also recently approved.

Lisa Kelly

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