Brynn Gestewitz - The health coach that gets down to business

Brynn Gestewitz's journey from becoming a health coach to a business consultant for health coaches came naturally and effortlessly. Having earned postgraduate degrees in Business Administration, International Business, and Leadership, Gestewitz is more than equipped to help health coaches scale their businesses.

Gestewitz ventured into the health industry after experiencing a dramatic health transformation after giving birth to her children. She experienced a challenging hormonal imbalance that made it difficult for her body to get back to her pre-baby shape. Her struggles led her to an in-depth understanding of the power of health and how the body can heal itself.

Overwhelmed by the results of her successful journey to perfect health, she wanted to share her discoveries and methods with everyone and launch her health coaching business. With her business, she was able to help others lose weight and live healthier lives.

It wasn't long after other health coaches reached out to her and consulted her on how to run their business successfully. At this point, she realized that she would be able to positively impact more people by helping health coaches succeed.

Driven by this mission to create a huge ripple effect of spreading good health to many people, she created the Health Coach Business Academy. Her program is designed to help health coaches make their businesses sustainable and scale to six figures and beyond by teaching them how to build the proper foundation, create brand loyalty, and close as many deals as possible.

According to Gestewitz, her journey to business consultancy for health coaches wasn't without obstacles. The biggest bump along the way was the oversaturation of the consultancy market. The challenge was to stand out and showcase her solid background in the health and wellness and business industries.

Gestewitz's strongest point is that she has actually gone through what most coaches are going through, and she can successfully walk them through every challenge. A year of partnership with her focuses on creating a profitable business that can flourish and become sustainable.

Gestewitz can help businesses get featured in the media, increase website traffic, and build credibility through publishing and publicity.. Unsurprisingly, these marketing strategies have helped health coaches gain the traction they need. One coach shares her journey to finding and working with Gestewitz was just the springboard she needed.

"I tried everything to make it work as a coach, but I could not find anyone who wanted to hire me. I have been through coach after coach and spent thousands of dollars trying to find someone that could help me, but they were all scam artists who just wanted my money. Brynn Gestewitz was the only person who actually helped me. Finally, I was able to get people to respond to me and interact with me. I wish I could take all the money I threw away with other coaches and give it all to Brynn."

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Business Consultant
Brynn Gestewitz

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