Bluechips Agency: Top crypto project set to explode in 2022

Bluechips Agency is a unique crypto project that stands out from similar projects because of its groundbreaking release plans and its determination to make a difference in the Web3 space.

Set for a spectacular 2022, Bluechips Agency has some thrilling developments in store for its members. Their goal is to become the first scalable Web3 multi-service agency that creates real value and makes a difference in the web3 space.

"Our innovative solid release plans will transform the Web3 space and we are excited to see these projects come to fruition," said founder Elduro Reverendo.

The project team will offer the Web3 Onboarding Pass, which will provide free Web3 and NFT resources, assessments, training, certification and mentoring.

They will also include Web3 Connections Pass that will give members access to expert advisors, premium content, exclusive masterminds and networking opportunities.

Each offering is unique and will bring incredible utility to Bluechips' holders.

Another exciting utility is Web3 Service Pass, which will give members access to Web3 and crypto lawyers, accountants, marketing & PR agency, and a premium Web3 directory.

"We are actively building projects that will delight crypto, NFT and Web3 enthusiasts alike," said Reverendo.

The hype surrounding Bluechips Agency has ramped up in recent weeks as numerous media outlets have begun reporting on their exciting new project and utilities, including Web3 Service Pass. Investors who hold Bluechips Web3 Consulting pass can enjoy Web3 business consulting, Bluechips app, private label opportunity and IP rights to use.

In a recent Twitter post, Reverendo expressed his gratitude to the people supporting their projects. He said that while Bluechips Agency has not announced the official release dates of this project, they will keep fans informed via their social media sites.

This year promises myriad crypto initiatives and Bluechips Agency will put them front-and-centre of this exciting trend.

You can follow Bluechips Agency on Twitter.

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