Bithashex' New Bhax Smart Cards as a Revolutionary Secure Storage for Private Keys

Crypto-assets have quickly become a hot topic of conversation. However many people fail to grasp how value is transferred between people, as well as how to keep their assets safe.

Cryptocurrencies may have put the power of finance back in our hands, but it also leaves us susceptible to cyber-crime. With this in mind, it's important to have secure storage for our assets and essential information like our private keys.

Bithashex plans to create a hardware technology function that serves as portable, safe storage for users' Private Keys and Coins, providing multiple-security features through BHAX Smart Cards.

Multi-factor authentication methods, such as Two-factor Authentication (2FA), will be used to safeguard network access, protect financial accounts, Digitally Sign transactions, and provide high levels of security to prevent hackers from accessing your BHAX Smart Cards.

Along with this, One-button Authenticator will also be used to create a stronger authentication with one-time passwords (OTPs) that expire every few minutes.

This will be used for logging into the BithashEx Platform, as well as to Authenticate withdrawals.

BHAX Smartcard is proposed to be composed of an E-Paper Display (EPD) along with an EMV chip backed by Power and Options buttons to facilitate inputs or make selections.

Through the EPD, users will be able to view account balances and employ QR codes for blockchain wallet addresses for enhancing Peer-2-Peer transactions. Option buttons will facilitate the input of PIN codes and addresses for verifications and transfers.

Other than Bhax Smart Cards, Bithashex also plans to provide a Universal Cold Wallet.

BithashEx's Universal Cold wallet, also known as cold storage, is a digital offline hardware wallet that stores private information (private keys) and financial values on a platform that isn't connected to the internet, protecting the wallet from unauthorized access, phishing, hacking, and other cyber vulnerabilities. It's the simplest approach to store tokens securely, provide backup choices, and reduce minor mistakes.


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