Best Selling Book Review: Power of the Christ Advantage

Rev. Dr. RonDerrick Johnson has created the book for you if you're one of the many individuals who wonders whether they have a novel in them but is intimidated by the process. With his latest publication, Power of the Christ Advantage, the author of the internationally bestselling book will walk you through it step-by-step.

Power of the Christ Advantage is one of the best book releases of the year. The book will talk about preaching the gospel of Christ Jesus and encouraging those who are lost in this world and helping them find meaning and purpose.

From deep inside the dungeon of a jail cell, Rev. Dr. Johnson gives birth to one of the most captivating stories of human perseverance. The Power of the Christ Advantage leaves audiences stunned as he unravels a sinister plot by his former fiance and her accomplice to place him behind bars for life. The author gives one fascinating account after another of extreme poverty, horrendous abuse, near-death experiences, and ultimate betrayal, all while ascending to the pinnacle of education.

This one-of-a-kind work is like nothing you have ever read before, as it gives a firsthand illustration of a systemically broken justice system. The magnetizing imagery will provoke fear, sadness, joy, and most certainly anger. A shocking twist is discovered when readers learn that the entire book was written while awaiting trial. No one is left untouched as Dr. Johnson heroically relies upon his faith in God to stand against a judicial giant that boasts over 125 years of prosecuting suspects. The Power of the Christ Advantage is a genuine David vs. Goliath story that will transform your faith in Christ forever.

The goal of the book is to show individuals that there is hope in the midst of adversity and that God is greater than the obstacles they encounter.

"I cried when I read about the way Dr. RonDerrick Johnson was betrayed by his former fiance in such a cruel way. After reading his book, I know that if he can overcome such horrendous odds, I can get through my struggles with faith in God," said Andrea Frazier, one of the readers of the book.

"The Power of the Christ Advantage" was such a refreshing inspiration of truth in the face of controversy. I was truly encouraged as I witnessed the power of God through faith," Patti Towels, another reader, claimed.

"While reading the book Power of the Christ Advantage, I found that Pastor Johnson has faced many of the same obstacles that I have encountered in life. I was given hope to continue to follow Jesus despite the challenges I may face. I learned that whatever God allows me to face in life is either to teach me, redirect me, or discipline me for my good," Christon Deondre said.

Dr. Johnson's mission is to make connections with those who are on the edge of giving up.

"I want to encourage them to know that no matter what their circumstances may look like God is still on the thrown and nothing they face is beyond His desire and ability to deliver them," he says.

"Finally, when they feel like everything is crumbling all around them and there is nowhere else to turn, they havIe a home at the Church of the Christ Advantage. At the Christ Advantage, members are not lost in the crowd. Here you have access to the pastor where you can get the personal ear you desire," Rev. RonDerrick added.

Rev. Dr. Johnson's book is inspiring and upbeat, prompting a trip to the store and purchase them. It is an essential addition to each personal library.

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