Bassim Haidar: the fintech industry man to watch in 2022

As the founder and CEO of Channel VAS, one of the world's premium fintech companies, Bassim Haidar's experience and thought leadership in the industry has him marked as the man to watch in 2022.

Haidar is a Nigerian-Lebanese telecom and fintech businessman and entrepreneur, who has carved out an essential role as an influencer, commentator, investor and advisor.

He is the founder of African telco infrastructure provider Channel IT, and chairman and co-founder of Dubai-based venture capital firm Knuru Investment Limited.

Haidar's promotion of new technology and mobile financial services have been featured by several leading media outlets, including CNN, Bloomberg, France24, CNBC, Business Insider and Fox Business Network.

With an unrivaled ability to connect businesses to technology, operations and value, Haidar is reimagining how global organizations think about "digital."

Haider has spoken at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Africa CEO Forum, Africa Com, Webit and GSMA's Mobile 360 Series - Africa and 4YFN. He has also written extensively about the necessity of mobile financial services, company flexibility during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the broader fintech industry's potential.

Impactful philanthropy

Haider's passion for expanding emerging economies, and his advocacy for financial inclusion through the use of fintech services to help the 'unbanked' people of developing nations, particularly in Africa, has been praised as "social entrepreneurship."

In January 2016, he joined Paulo Coelho, Yoko Ono, Salil Shetty, Hadeel Ibrahim and Krishna Rao on the Amnesty International Global Council.

With his unwavering commitment to philanthropy and the world of fintech, Bassim Haidar has created a unique and important global platform.

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