Alex Duarte NYC: How Passion Conquered Adversities

Photo by Christian Borrayo

Alex Duarte NYC was born and raised in New York City. Her story began in Harlem, but she has also resided in SoHo and uptown Manhattan. Every borough has its own story, and despite not belonging to any, Alex is a part of them all. She was raised in Latino and African-American neighborhoods and has Latin American heritage. Her artwork includes a little bit of everything, yet it's still uniquely Alex. It's brazen and opinionated, and it doesn't mind. Her artistic style is unmistakable. It will fascinate you and keep you engaged.

Her inspiration comes from a variety of places, beginning with street art and never ending. Various materials such as pastels, pencils, oil, and charcoal can be used to produce artwork on canvas, paper, or even walls. She's been in the thick of it all. Alex's culture, like her work, is a blend of various elements, whether it's Abstract painting or Realism, Expressionism or Illusionism.

As a youngster, Alex had very little art training. The city's dark tones got the best of her after a string of horrific life events. However, like the city's excitement, she never gave up. She had lost her voice and had to communicate herself via visual art.

Her work spans the studio, the streets, and the museum. Alex embodies all that is great about New York City.

Alex sought to develop her skills for the following many years. Layer upon layer of immaculate detail and technical aptitude distinguishes her colorful, realistic works, which combine classic painting techniques with modern design and graphic trends, layer upon layer. Duarte's painting reflects a world full of ornamentation and life.

At the age of 21, Duarte started to lose her vision. As her viewpoint of the world shifted, so did her work. She decorates her space with neon and black lite acrylic, birthstones, gold leaf, glass, and fairy dust, among other things.

Many celebrities like her work because of her talent and enthusiasm for creating art that communicates.

With her passion and drive to make a change in the world, there is no doubt Alex will become one of the greatest artists in history.

Mica Smith
Senior Journalist

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