Alex Duarte: Finding solace in Art

Despite being visually challenged due to her Keratoconus, Alex Duarte still finds a way to express herself and her conviction through art.

Growing up in New York, Alex has been through a lot in her life. At a young age, she faced adversities, but she didn't let these allow her to fall into the pit of hopelessness. Instead, she used it as a source of strength and determination to become the woman she is now. A talented, revolutionary artist.

Alex was born on October 2, 1975. She was raised in Harlem, New York, reading and sketching throughout her childhood. Throughout the years, Alex worked to improve her technique.

But at the age of 21, she was diagnosed with a disease by 31 she had already lost 30% of her sight and at the age of 50, she began to see things differently. However, this didn't stop her from creating art.

Her determination led her to become one of the greatest artists in New York. Her creations are easily identifiable because of their uniqueness. Her vivid, figurative paintings are noted for their layer upon layer, flawless detail, and technical virtuosity, mixing classic painting techniques with current design and illustrative styles. Duarte's painting depicts a world filled with adornment and life.

She utilizes these images to speak out about female empowerment and disobedience. The artwork is a mash-up of many materials, including murals, canvas, and paper. It has several layers, both physically and metaphorically. It represents her and life itself, full of color and adventures.

Her work transcends categorization; it comes from the studio, the streets, and the museum. It comes from the lived experience of a lady who has transformed her difficult life circumstances into beautiful expressions. Alex embodies New York City.

The city's gloomy tones got the best of her on several occasions, resulting in painful experiences. She did not give up, just like the city's vitality. She lost her voice and turned to visual art to express herself.

Mica Kelly
Senior Journalist

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