Alex Duarte: Being an Artist Despite Visual Impairment

It takes time to develop the bravery and fortitude to tackle life's challenges. It takes time and the capacity to stay strong despite the challenges that life throws at you. It was not easy for Alex Duarte, an artist, to go through so much as a youngster.

She was born and raised in the city of New York. She attended New York City Public School, then transferred to Manhattan for her junior year, then to Philadelphia for 2 years, before returning to New York. She studied computer science at Monroe College for her undergraduate degree. After that, he attended Burrough Manhattan Community College.

She was subjected to abuse from others around her throughout this period. She was able to break herself from the cruel cycle of abuse with the assistance of literature and art.

Keratoconus, an eye disease that damages the structure of the cornea, caused her to lose her sight at the age of 21.

She uses these masterpieces to discuss female empowerment and civil disobedience. Murals, canvas, and paper are among the materials used in the artwork. Physically and symbolically, it has numerous levels. It depicts her as well as life itself, which is vibrant and full of experiences.

Her perseverance helped her to become one of New York's most celebrated painters. Because of their individuality, her designs are instantly recognized. Her figurative paintings are known for their layer upon layer, immaculate detail, and technical dexterity, which combine traditional painting techniques with contemporary design and illustrative approaches.

Mica Kelly
Senior Journalist

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