A Day in the life of TikTok influencer @celinetails

Pets can be a handful. Pet owners need to allocate time, energy, and money to care for their pets fully. To ensure their pets are healthy and happy, they need to incorporate walks, playtime, and feeding time into their busy schedules. Now, imagine an animal lover who has 17 pets living alongside her. TikTok influencer Celine Tran (@celinetails) has piqued the interest of animal lovers all over the world. Her account has reached a massive following of 1.3 million users, with her videos gaining collective likes of 38 million. This leaves many wondering what a day in the life of Tran is like.

People who have pets at home juggle a lot of things, incorporating all their pets' needs into their schedules, such as vaccinations, regular visits to the vet, training, grooming, playtime, and feeding. It's not any different for Tran and her 17 pets. While it's good to maintain a routine, every day for her is different.

Tran elaborates that cleaning takes up most of her everyday duties as a pet parent. She does dog bed laundry, mops the floors, and all the icky stuff like picking up poop and cleaning after her pets.

Despite how busy her every day looks like with all her animal companions, she maintains her passion for caring for pets and educating her fellow pet lovers all over the world. According to Tran, she allocates at least an hour of her day for content creation, providing her audience informative videos regularly, whether on YouTube or TikTok.

People wonder how she can be on top of things and do other activities on the side when she already has her plate full. "I'm a very organized person, and it helps that I use a lot of organizing apps to manage my day-to-day activities," says Tran.

As if taking care of 17 pets is a breeze, she recently opened her online merchandise store, the Hell Hounds LA, a product line inspired by Draco the Dobie. She also wants to help out other pet lovers spoil their pets through her dog treats line and cattery, all coming out soon.

This pet enthusiast-slash-TikTok influencer-slash-entrepreneur-slash-full time student shows people and hesitant animal lovers that it's possible to take care of as many pets and do the things you love on the side. All it takes is a little organization, time management, and dedication.

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