2022 Review: Earth Mama Healing

Having a program that would help hundreds of youth is one of the ultimate goals of every healing program.

Earth Mama Healing (EMH), a platform that provides access to youth empowerment has made a mission to help young adults to face the challenges of life and become successful individuals here on earth.

Earth Mama Healing has built a loyal community of more than a hundred women, children and even men in the US - a testament to their program and services.

In the United States, Canada, Honduras, Haiti, and Cuba, they introduced adolescents and women to exemplary practices and cultivated practitioners through their national and international operations. We Inspire Girls, Dream Academy, and Mother Love Programs are all housed there.

The EMH brand is well known for its agile and supportive team, who are experts in their field and can always be counted on for valuable advice and attentive, personal service.

According to Rolanda Allaha Wilkins CEO, the most important aspect of the program is to create emotionally strong, spiritually connected, and socially smart young adults and healing communities through teaching world culture, coping with inner and outer battles, and having a better perspective on life.

Taking pride in the success they have enjoyed by creating innovative programs is highly regarded in its solutions, especially their impactful programs like Wii (We Inspire) Girl, Queens Rising, Dream Academy, Mother Love, Yewas Rites of Passages, and Queens Live.

Wilkins is also promoting two books called The Spirit of Grandma's Hands and Men of Honor.

The Spirit of Grandma's Hands is about celebrating more than 100 community "grandmothers in the African American community. To date, the Grandma Hands Tribute and Celebration has recognized 103 community seniors for their support, devotion, and loving attitude, which has touched and altered the lives of so many people.

While Men of Honor is about men who have shaped the African community.

"We have amazing Black men in our community. I thank these brothers from the bottom of my heart for being the men that they are, for standing on their square, for being loving, for being kind, for being an example," says Rolanda.

Rolanda A. Wilkins
Earth Mama Healing

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