2022 Pitchstack.co Review

Ten years ago, hiring small businesses for engagements was a chore. In 2007 the dominant method for finding a business to do something was a Google search or word-of-mouth. But those methods only connected you to a website, not an actual person who had the time and inclination to help you. To this day, suppliers are notoriously hard to pin down. They are booked out and don't answer their phone, live chat is run by bots that don't understand humans and Google is full of ads that in many cases are irrelevant.

Pitchstack, a company owned by the very popular tradie website Service Seeking, solves this problem by creating a real-time platform where available and interested businesses contact customers to do the job they need to be done via email and phone, off platform. The best part of their vision was getting out of the way so consumers and SMEs can negotiate, speak and engage off platform, they way they want to without paying a percentage of the transaction to the website through which they connect.

Out of this concept Pitchstack.co was born, putting an end to the hassle of finding good professional businesses and overpaying, helping entrepreneurs, start-ups and businesses of all descriptions find professionals anywhere in the world to do the work they need done. Customers expectations in dealing with online marketplaces are higher.

Neither side of a transaction likes to pay 30% to a website, and customers typically want to be introduced to the very best businesses, instantly and without meddling. They want choice but don't want identity to be anonymised. Consumers want a low touch concept, like a dating site, where you can just message, or talk on the phone to see if there is a connection. They don't want to be shoe-horned into a website experience which makes the process of vetting and hiring harder than the old Yellow Pages.

Over the next 10 years, the winner in local services will have the greatest supply, the most choice and most importantly not try to control the transaction and take a commission. Consumers want to manage how they pay and want to meet the supplier early on. The right revenue model is one where the SME pays a fee for the introduction and then once the client introduction is made, the website gets out of the way. In this regard, Pitchstack is the top pick.


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