2022 Firm Review: Segment Wealth Management

Since its inception in 2012, Segment Wealth Management has grown into a top-ten firm in Houston, as recognized by the Houston Business Journal.

With more than a billion in assets under management, Segment Wealth typically caters to high-net-worth clients starting their investment trek with a minimum of $5 million.

Segment Wealth is a financial advisory firm founded on the belief that low fees, tax efficiency and maintaining a long-term perspective are the most important principles in boosting the value of a portfolio.

"Traditional advisors focus on beating the market, while incremental fees and taxes from doing so erode returns and cause an inefficient outcome. Managing the controllable fees and taxes works better than chasing fleeting advantages and constantly shifting strategy, while often making the wrong calls along the way," says CEO Gil Baumgarten.

Investment Philosophy

Segment Wealth's philosophy is built on the core values of clarity, reliability, performance, and honesty. The team prides themselves in doing what is best for the client and in fact, are legally required to do so as a fully fiduciary firm.

"The secret to my business model is keeping things extraordinarily simple and having the freedom to speak the absolute truth. We strive to deliver superior service and execution," says Baumgarten.

Investment Strategies.

The firm's experienced portfolio managers construct tailored portfolios based on each client's individual risk tolerance, liquidity requirements and time horizons. These elements are key to determining the optimum asset mix to maximize growth and minimize risk.

Segment Wealth is highly regarded for their innovative investment and risk management strategies based on the fundamental belief that the markets are efficient, and investors can be irrational.

AJ Nottingham
Senior Journalist

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