Recent Research by ASPER BROTHERS on Realistic Solutions to the Problems of IT Outsourcing in Times of Pandemic

The lockdown has revolutionized the perception of IT outsourcing and has become increasingly common with the surge of transition. The study developed by the ASPER BROTHERS reveals the problems facing entrepreneurs who use external IT services.

WARSAW, POLAND, January 27, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The COVID-19 pandemic had a huge effect on all aspects of the economy and forced entrepreneurs to reorganize the job processes of many businesses. However, the lockdown has revolutionized the perception of IT outsourcing and has become increasingly common with the surge of transition. The tech outsourcing study developed by the ASPER BROTHERS software company reveals the problems facing entrepreneurs who use external IT services.

According to Statista, total global expenditure on IT services would hit $1.1 trillion in 2020 and tech outsourcing would become a rising part of the pie. However, this prediction was made by Statista before the pandemic, so it is expected to rise dramatically. Acting with foreign clients every day, ASPER BROTHERS is no stranger to the day-to-day complexities of IT outsourcing encountered by both sides of the process. Seeing how many of these problems seem to recur, and how surprisingly straightforward it is to get (at least some of them) out of the way of popular ventures, they wanted to write it all in a handy guide for tech leaders around the world. But they didn't want to focus on their expertise. Dozens of CTOs from Europe, Asia, North America and Australia were surveyed in Q4 2019 and the respondents represented both small businesses (up to 10 workers) and large enterprises with several thousand employees in various industries.

The study will tell you, among other things, what day-to-day obstacles are faced by tech executives who outsource app production around the world and what practical resources and approaches they use to solve them. For example, our founders will explain to you why communication between teams is so important and how to strengthen it.

"Communication may sound like an easy thing. But it's not. It's a complex and delicate matter. Especially when outsourcing. Agile, at least when well performed, guarantees excellent Communication in good remote software projects, and this is also what most CTOs recommend as a solution," said Mike Jackowski and Pawel Jackowski, ASPER BROTHERS' founders.

The study also provides useful advice to make it easy for your in-house staff and software partner the actual cost of outsourcing software development.

Main findings of the report:
- Tech executives also stress the importance of agile methodologies to solve collaboration barriers and to synchronize internal and external teams.
- While we live in a tech age with a lot of technologies out there, the most helpful way to connect is always to speak to other people (emails turn out not to be that great).
- The external staff wants to know not just what they are constructing, but what they are building. And it's up to you to say that.
- Paying less also means having less - and there's no way around that.
- Asked on how to cope with connectivity gaps, two-thirds of our respondents concentrated on the partnership, while just 33% pointed to real tech resources.

As described above, the pandemic has had a major effect on the development of IT outsourcing, being a vital field for many businesses. ASPER BROTHERS are actively generating new data and assuming advice from CTOs worldwide about how to cope with the pandemic and what resources to use to enhance remote work. The findings will be released shortly.

You can find the full report here:

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