Dyhydromatics Processors Used in Manufacturing Rapid COVID 19 Test Kits

ShearJet(R) HP1200-20 provides for GMP manufacturing process

BOSTON, MA, February 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dyhydromatics, LLC, announces the use of their ShearJet processors as an instrumental component of COVID-19 rapid test kits being manufactured by two Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

Because of their ability to gently release uncompromised bioavailable material, High Pressure Homogenizers (HPH) are often used for large scale microbial cell disruption. This technology allows the pharmaceutical industry to access intercellular materials necessary for vaccine and drug development.

"The high shear created in the Dyhydromatics Reaction Chambers ensures the ideal forces are achieved to create uniform breakage of cells and enable for successful and efficient extraction of cell content," stated David Hunter, President and CEO of Dyhydromatics. "The fixed geometry ensures the results are uniform and repeatable, batch after batch, and through scale up processes. This has been especially important in the exceptionally fast response needed for COVID-19 testing."

For more information on the ShearJet HP1200, and its use in pharmaceutical applications, visit the Dyhydromatics website at www.dyhydromatics.com.

About Dyhydromatics: LLC: Dyhydromatics is a global manufacturer of high-shear fluid processors used in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food and beverage, and cosmetics industries to create emulsions, dispersions, and suspensions to a nano particle size with a 99% yield. It allows the creation of highly stable liposomes, microencapsulations, and polysaccharides, for targeted delivery. It is also used for highly efficient cell disruption including mammalian cells, yeast cells, E. coli.

For more information on Dyhydromatics, visit www.dyhydromatics.com.


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