Users of Windows should be aware that an update prevents Microsoft Defender for Endpoint from starting for some users. » Brinkwire

Users of Windows should be aware that an update prevents Microsoft Defender for Endpoint from starting for some users.

For customers who have Windows Server Core installed on their machines, the Windows update prevented Microsoft Defender for Endpoint from operating or beginning.

It comes after a security update had a problem that severely harmed Windows’ security malware component.

Users of Windows should be aware that Microsoft Defender for Endpoints has stopped working.

The problem with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint began on Nov. 9, when the security fix was handed out to customers of Windows Server and Windows 10 LTSC Editions, according to The Register.

The news organization went on to say that the latest issue caused by the recent Windows update destroys what should assist prevent and detect malware and other similar dangers to the machine.

In a known problems and alerts post, Microsoft stated that the current issue with the Defender for Endpoint affects users of Windows Server 2019 and Windows Server 2022, respectively, with the KB5007206 and KB5007205 updates installed.

To be more specific, Microsoft cautioned that Windows Server users can expect Defender for Endpoint to “fail to start or run” on their devices.

Are Windows 10 users affected by the Microsoft Defender issue?

However, Microsoft stated that the security patch only affected security malware programs installed on Windows Server-based systems.

As a result, users who have Windows 10 installed on their computers are unaffected by the latest problem.

How to Fix Microsoft Defender If It Isn’t Working

The Redmond-based company also stated in the blog post that a remedy for the newest Defender bug would be available in the next release.

Microsoft has only given Windows users the assurance that it is “working on a resolution.”

Furthermore, the tech behemoth stated that “an upgrade will be provided in an upcoming version.”

Microsoft has labeled the issue as “Confirmed” as of this writing, whereas other known issues with Windows Server have been labeled as “Resolved.”

Microsoft PowerToys Update Included in Brinkwire News How to Use My Mouse and Video Conference Mute Updates and Problems with Windows It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time a Windows security patch has broken something in the system, as happened with Defender.

In fact, along with the Defender issue, Microsoft mentioned other concerns that come with its security patches.

A prior security patch, KB5007205, however, crippled Microsoft Installer for Windows Server users, potentially preventing software from updating or fixing. This particular shambles, on the other hand. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.