Need some help on what to do for a dual monitor Mac Os system

Need some help & advice Please.

Background: I have a Mac Os system that I purchase in 2013. Now I am getting where it is not supported for OS upgrades. It consist of a 27" iMac 3.5 GHz Intel Core I7 with 32GBs memory and a 1TB SSD. Graphics is a Nvidia Geforce GTX 775M. I also have a matching Apple 27" monitor. The system is mounted on the wall in front of my office desk. I am still running 32 bit Adobe Product suite. I use the system to make presentations, videos and MS office for work. I paid a lot of money for the system in 2013 and it has lasted me almost 10 years which has been great.

I thought I would upgrade to a new 27" iMac but they unfortuneatly stopped making the configuration. I much need 2 monitor (or one very large one) system to replace the iMac with and monitor with. So studying somewhat I see that Apple is now using there on chips M1 and M2. The system should have 64Gbs or more memory and at least a 2 TB SSD hard drive. I really don't play games on my office computer so a good graphics card is all I need. Found the Mac Studio on the Apple site. I have also located a Mid 2020 iMac 5K and unsure what matching monitor to get. The iMac has a I9 processor and a 2 TB SSD. Hence my question. Should I opt for a M1 because Apple may stop supporting the intel processor more quickly?

I no one knows exactly how Apple will support their systems in the future but I would be thankful for any members thoughts on this replacement system I am purchasing.