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Elon Musk responds to Tesla critics who want to talk about Giga Berlin and its environmental impact.

Critics of the Tesla Giga Berlin plant are now hoping for a new round of discussions about the plant’s environmental impact once it is operational, especially as it nears completion.

Elon Musk reacts to the brewing talks about another discussion, which he sees as a roadblock to the project’s opening, which would be the center of its European production.

Elon Musk Reacts to Another Tesla Giga Berlin Discussion

Tesla CEO Elon Musk reacted to the news that critics have returned to demand a new discussion about their Giga Berlin construction via his Twitter social networking platform.

The CEO can’t believe that another meeting has been scheduled to discuss the Gigafactory’s environmental impacts, which the company has already discussed.

According to Teslarati, there has been renewed discussion about the environmental effects of the Tesla Giga Berlin, which has reopened the discussion about the facility.

The November talks were completed, and another round would be held in December to evaluate the plant and its operations.

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Are you serious?

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Environmental Impacts of a Tesla Giga in Berlin

These critics are concerned about accident reports as well as the plant’s impact on the environment, drinking water, and other natural resources that benefit the area’s people and residents.

Musk and Tesla have long resisted this, focusing instead on the company’s clean energy capabilities and goals to improve local conditions.

The Construction of the Gigafactory in Berlin

The Gigafactory Berlin’s construction is significant because it would have been the site of the company’s first 4680 batteries, which would have had a longer range and higher capacity throughout.

Apart from its focus on the European region, it is also planned that the Giga Berlin will be the focal point for the latest Model Y production.

The Giga Berlin is expected to be completed this year or early in 2022, but the main stumbling block is the numerous environmental concerns, particularly for residents of Brandenburg and the surrounding regions.

Last October, the CEO went to the site for a tour of the facility with fans who wanted to be a part of it, in the hopes that the project would succeed.

Despite Tesla’s numerous promises,

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