Axie Infinity Introduces a New Way to Earn

Axie Infinity Introduces a New Way to Earn | Virtual Land Sells Out for 550 ETH.

(Photo courtesy of AxieInfinity) Axie Infinity Introduces a New Way to Earn | Virtual Land Sells for 550 ETH For Axie Infinity users who have already been earning money by breeding their Axies, the game has now added a new opportunity for them to earn money through virtual real estate, which is becoming increasingly popular. According to the game’s producers, a Genesis Land plot sold for 550 ETH, which is little over (dollar)2.3 million USD.

According to a tweet by Axie Infinity, a land piece within the NFT game was recently sold for a stunning 550 ETH, or almost (dollar)2.3 million. Within the Axie Infinity reality, this is now the most costly plot of land ever sold.

Axis are monsters that users can command to fight other players, opponents, and complete daily objectives in the game. These NFT characters can be freely bred (minted), traded, and sold, depending on the preferences of the owners.

550 ETH was been paid for a Genesis Land Plot!

That’s over 2.3 million dollars!

The world continues to be surprised by our player-owned Digital nation. pic.twitter.comSVvAtFNYUF Axie Infinity (@AxieInfinity) (@AxieInfinity) (@AxieInfinity) (@AxieInfinity) ( 24 November 2021 What’s in the Virtual Land of Axie Infinity? The game takes set in the mystical world of Lunacia, which is populated by creatures known as Axies, according to CoinTelegraph’s narrative. The world was turned into a 301 x 301 square grid, with each portion representing a tokenized area of land known as Terra in the game.

Within the game, pieces of land can be purchased, rented out, and sold to other players at any time. The land was just just sold and is designated as Genesis, which means “beginning,” and is the most valuable type of virtual real estate in the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

What are the Benefits of Chimeras?

Chimeras, or monsters, proliferate throughout the game and terrorize Lunaria. Players can acquire Smooth Love Potions by fighting Chimeras, which can then be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges to make real money.

When a player fights a Chimera, it will drop some more resources that can be utilized to upgrade the player’s Axis and land. This would enhance the total amount of money that could be made. News from Brinkwire in a nutshell.