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Saturday is the brand new 'unofficial' start to hurricane season

(CNN) After a record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season last year, storm forecasting will get off to an earlier start this year thanks to consecutive years of pre-season activity. At least one named tropical system has formed in the Atlantic prior to June 1...

School may return to almost-normal this fall

(CNN) Between the first 12-year-olds receiving their Covid-19 vaccines and new guidance that vaccinated people can remove their masks indoors, the outlook for school in the fall resembles what it was like before the pandemic. After more than a year in which...

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Ransomware group says it released 'full data' on DC police department

Washington (CNN) A ransomware group said it published its "full data" on the Washington Metropolitan Police Department this week, claiming the department's payment offer wasn't enough to prevent the release, according to screenshots of online posts by the g...

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[News Story] Micro plastic air raid

The fact that microplastics float in the air was confirmed through an empirical study for the first time in Korea. The Seoul Institute of Health and Environment collected airborne substances in five homes and outdoors in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province. The fa...

Apple Stores in the US will keep mask mandates in place, for now

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Apple's retail operation has adjusted to changing situations worldwide, but it isn't changing direction based on the latest CDC public health recommendations. According to Bloomberg, it has informed US retail stores that...